Meet the team

A great bunch of people

As the business has grown, so has our team. From the initial duo of Liz and Roger Mobbs, we’ve increased our numbers, bringing in specialist expertise to manage our growing range of services. Everyone who works at The Southwold Flower Company has a passion for British grown flowers, and loves to share it with all our customers who visit us.


Liz Mobbs, Founder and Owner

Liz’s first passion was behind the lens, studying photography at art school before spending many years in the industry. She stopped to have her three girls and be a ‘stay at home mum’, then, once her girls were all at school, she switched her knowledge and creative skills to floral art.

The seed for starting a flower farm came when, frustrated and unable to find natural flowers to make her mother a birthday bouquet, she decided to grow her own and learn some floristry skills as the two naturally go together.

"When I first started the flower farm, I didn’t realise it would take me on such a journey. As a child I had my own little garden and I am still obsessed with growing - I still get excited with every new shoot and bud that appears with each season. “Opening the shop and being able to bring the flowers directly to the people is a dream come true.”


Roger Mobbs, Owner

Having been brought up in a farming family, and trained at Writtle University College, Roger has many years of experience in agriculture and working the land. He is both the brains and brawn behind the industrial part of the business; supplying irrigation, building polytunnels and working the machinery are just some of his many specialities. Although he doesn’t 'do flowers', he solves all the technical problems that come with constructing complicated installations.

When he’s not on the farm you will find him up a ladder or in the workshop building a floral arch, as well as fixing broken machinery.

"Liz and I work well together as a husband and wife team, Liz has all the ideas and I implement them! I have no idea about the flower varieties, but I do know about growing healthy crops and enjoy the challenge of building new constructions and working out solutions to the problems that flower farming brings.”

Steve & Flora ~ Mum and son team ~ Rodent control

Diana ( and Paddy) - Floral Stylist Stylist


 Louise - Floral Stylist 



 Sarah - Bespoke wedding Floral Stylist & Workshop Leader 


 Val - Sunday Floral Stylist


Rebecca - Floral Stylist